Boiler Repair Colorado Springs Counts On

When it comes to boilers heating your home, you have a significant advantage over other heating appliances because boilers tend to need fewer boiler repair Colorado Springs service calls. When comparing furnaces and other standard central heating systems, you soon realize that boilers have fewer mechanical parts.

The lower number of parts means fewer parts to wear over time. When you have a boiler, you can assume that you will only have to call for residential boiler repair or commercial boiler repair occasionally. However, it is essential to remember that boilers, like water heaters will still need occasional repair.


One of the most common repair calls we get is for dripping or leaking. Boilers are created to be airtight so oxidization cannot occur, so leaking or dripping is an issue. If it is the boiler tank leaking, it can be a significant issue.

This type of leak typically indicates that it has rusted through the boiler, and the boiler must be replaced. However, it may be a pressure relief valve or pump that is leaking. These items can be repaired. An expert boiler repair technician can help you identify what is leaking on the boiler.

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Strange Noises

Most homeowners call for repairs when they hear strange noises coming from the boiler. These noises can include whistling, gurgling, or banging. Most of the time, these noises are created from the boiler system’s air or low water pressure.

However, the banging noise can indicate the pump has failed. These noises can also be caused by a phenomenon called Kettling. Kettling is caused by a build-up of limescale or sludge blocking water flow. The blocked heat exchanger causes the water to boil and create a kettle-like noise.

Lack of Hot Water

One of the worst feelings is getting ready for work and realizing you do not have any hot water to shower. These particular boiler issues can be caused by a wide array of conditions such as airlocks and broken diaphragms. Our expert technicians will also check for failure in the valves, thermostat, and boiler pressure to find the answer to this issue.

Issues with the Ignitor

We frequently get calls about pilot lights that continuously go out. This issue could be caused by the thermocouple device being defective, which blocks the gas supply. Another common cause of pilot light’s going out is a deposit built-up inside the pilot light system.

However, this type of issue requires our specially trained technicians to proceed with caution. This problem may stem from a blockage, leak, or other issues with the gas line. Do not worry, though. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled use extreme caution and safety measures every time they are within a customer’s home.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

Some boilers have a condensate pipe that carries the acidic water from your boiler. These pipes are located in an area that makes them vulnerable to freezing. If there are any issues with the condensation, the pipes may freeze and burst.

Even though boilers do not typically need repairs, at some point, you will need to call for boiler repair. Our trained boiler experts can quickly and efficiently identify the issue and provide sound advice and options about fixing it. For more information about our boiler repair services, browse our service section, or call us today.