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If you are experiencing hot water issues, you may need water heater repair Fountain CO. However, sometimes the problems may be so significant, or the unit may be so old, you may need water heater installation Fountain CO.

When choosing a new water heater in Fountain CO, you should consider the unit’s fuel type or energy source before purchasing it. This consideration should include the energy source’s availability and price. Researching this information is vital because the fuel can affect your annual energy bills as well as the device’s size and energy efficiency.

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained, which allows them to provide vital information about fuel types and their availability in Fountain. With this information, it will be possible to narrow down the available water heater options.

The following list is every option available, but we can help you determine which energy source is the best choice for your situation and Fountain:

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Electric– Electric water heaters are the most common devices in the United States. Electricity can power conventional, tankless, and heat pump water heaters with ease. Although gas units are more energy-efficient, electric machines are safer.

Fuel Oil– As with many options on this list, fuel oil can power both tank and tankless units as well as indirect combination water and space heating units.

Solar– Solar units are powered by sunlight, similar to solar panels. If your area goes weeks without sun, this fuel source is probably not the best choice. However, solar water heaters are incredibly popular in the Southwest.

Natural Gas– Natural gas is available in most areas of the United States. This fuel source can be used for both conventional storage and on-demand units. It is also an excellent choice for combination water and space heating systems. These systems include the tankless coil and indirect water heaters. Natural gas is more affordable than electricity but poses a greater risk.

Propane– This fuel source can also power both tank and tankless units. It is an excellent choice for areas where natural gas is not an option. Similar to natural gas, propane has risks associated with gas leaks that other fuel sources do not have.

Geothermal– This fuel source is for those individuals who already have a geothermal heat pump system. These systems typically use space heating and cooling for the home.

Some of these are readily available in Fountain, CO, while others are not. You can schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians to learn more about each of these fuel sources. Serving the following zip codes: 80817, 80911, 80925. For more information, contact us today.